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08.09.2016   Open Day for Science and Technology courses.

On Sunday, the Open Day 09/11/16 for enrollment for science and technology studies. Between the hours of 17: 00-19: 30 children and their parents are invited to experience and taste what is happening in many of the courses offered and meet personally the counseling staff.

30.05.2016   Scientific Birthday at the Technoda

Fascinating celebration of game and Science. The Technoda is celebrating birthdays with a variety of fun activities for children including: science amusement, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, break the ice and more.

25.01.2016   Astronomy lecture for the public

You are welcome to arrive to the Technoda and enjoy a fascinating lecture on binary stars and distant planets. Monday 1.2.16 at 19:30, admission is free. If weather conditions permit, there will be a view of the sky at night.

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